York Lodge No. 22

                                                                                            Ancient Free and Accepted Masons 


Past Masters of York Lodge
For the Last 100 Years

1917  John H. Cooper1952  Edward Whicher PDD1983  Alfred D. Curtis
1918  Fred M. Severance1953  Lendell A. Smith1984  Joseph V. Cummings
1919  Edward S. Hawkes1954  William F. Warren1985  Chester J. Dunham Jr.
1920  Harold H. Bourne PDD1955  Cecil R. McConnell1986  Raymond A. Brown
1921  Charles H. Lucas1956  Royal E. Spofford1987  Henry C. Tibbetts Jr
1922  Joseph T. Cole1957  C. Roland Dutch1988 Robert Sprague PGT
1923  Howard C. Wakefield1958  G. William Jennison1989  George G. Lebarge
1924  George E.  Larrabee1959  Arnold L. Smith1990  Adam Hunnewell
1925  Ralph Andrews1960  P.  Freeman Welch1991  Henry C. Tibbetts Jr.
1926  Elmer A. Mitchell1961  Arthur A. Tracy Sr.1992  Scott A. Wentworth.
1927  Arthur C. Goodwin1962  Walfred H. Johnson1993  Gerry Goulden
1928  Roy A. Evans PDD1963  J. Russell Yates1994  Brian Bradbury
1929  George L. Authier1964  Robert Sprague PGT1995  George S. Pargellis
1930  Archie W. Turner1965  Marvin H. Budd1996  Edward Thyng
1934  Carle S. Spiller1966  Richard C. Russell1997  William K. Jewett
1935  Arthur L. Leach1967  Cranston W. Foley1998  Randall Burleigh PDD
1936  Leroy H. Hutchins1968  Willian G. West1999  Gregory W. Pargellis
1937  Harrison G. Coleman1969  Robert F. Eveleth2000  Stephen D. Nason
1938  A. Wesley Leech1970  Robert G. Dickson2001  Michael A. Hickson
1939  Alexander Burr Jr.1971  Robert Sprague PGT2003  Richard B. Cluff
1940  Arthur L. Stevens1972  Sam Spencer2004  Brian A. Ingalls
1941  Kenneth Ritchie PDD1973  William C. Hobbs2005  Timothy L. Cluff
1942  Ralph A. Hatch1974  John P. Kotlewski2006  Donald Young
1943  Charles H. Currier1975  Richard Amirault2007  Richard B. Smith
1945  George W. Thompson1976  Ralph E. Pierpont2008  Richard B. Smith
1946 Lewis H. Burr1977  Edward L. MacDonald2009  Laurie Cohen
1947 Seth L. Emmons 1978 Robert H. Hunt2010  Raymond  A. Browm
1948 Donald E. Smith1979 Richard O. West2011 Phil Perez
1949  George E. McConnell1980  David Tremblay2012 Brian A. Ingalls
1950  Clarence M. Crosby1981  George Pulkkinen PGM2013 Thomas Dudevoir
1951  Carl E.  Russell1982  Jack L. Libby2014  Bruce Johnsen

2015 Dan L. Fink


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