York Temple Corp.


The following is a list of projects undertaken by the York Temple Corp. and/or York Lodge No. 22.
Some of these are fund raising others are improvement and work projects for the Lodge.


Improvement/Work Projects

Entrance Extension.  York Temple Corp has undertaken to extend the entrance on the West side of the building  and rebuild the emergency exit on the East side of the building.  The project has been in the works for some time and work began in earnst in November.  During this month both projects were substantially completed.

Mosaic Pavement - Kennebec Lodge #5 has purchased the reversed color copy of our mosaic pavement and we installed it there in October. 

Building Signage - Lettering has been acquired and is to be installed on the building front identifying the building as "Kennebunk Masonic Hall".  Other signage is planned identifying York Lodge No 22 and possibly other users of the building.  This however must fall within the town code and may not be possible.

Building Painting - The back side of the building was sanded, repaired and painted this summer.  Only the east side is left to be painted and the trim on all sides.

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